Custom Built Off-Road Race Radiator

Garrett Stanley of Pearland, TX builds a tough, high-efficiency radiator that is engineered to keep you out of trouble when you need to keep your engine running cool while off-road racing or pre-running.

Off-road racing puts every component on the vehicle to the test with mile after mile of bone-jarring ruts, washouts, and whoops. This requires that critical equipment like the main radiator be designed not only to keep the engine cool but to also survive the severe vibrations and jarring. 

Not only is this radiator designed to be tough and efficient, but it also looks good, too. This radiator can be mounted to compliment your other components on your luxury pre-runner and provide you with miles and miles of stress-free driving.

Radiator in back

This Garrett Stanley radiator is designed to keep you cool and trouble-free. You can find out more about this competitively priced radiator through Yellow Jacket Motorsports by clicking here.