New Website for Yellow Jacket Motorsports

Welcome to our new Website! We hope that you find it user friendly as we work to add more and more high quality products for you, our customers, in the near future.

YJM will not be selling cheap, poorly constructed products just to make a quick buck. We would rather not sell anything at all than to let our customers down. 

Our current suppliers build the best. And, future suppliers will be vetted carefully in order to always bring you quality off-roading products at a very fair price.

Recently, we have partnered with AFFIRM so that you can go ahead and purchase higher cost items and pay them out over time. This will allow many to continue with their builds with fewer interruptions.

In addition, YJM has the connections with high quality machinists, welders and fabricators that can produce virtually anything that can be conceived. 

Therefore, we will not only bring you products from high quality suppliers but will also provide quality items conceived, designed and manufactured in house or in conjunction with our associates.

As Covid wanes, the pace at which the number of catalog items grow will accelerate. 

Remember to buckle up every time! 


Roger Lollar - 10/25/2020