DLP Intercooler Brace Fix for the YXZ

The Dirt Launch Turbo we installed on the YJM YXZ is an awesome product that we absolutely recommend. We chose the Stage II package and the additional power and torque are totally worth the expense and labor.

Installation was straight forward with the intercooler being the only piece difficult to get situated perfectly. The braces on the passenger side fit adequately, however, the drivers side brace was a little more difficult to deal with.

In addition, once installed the driver's side brace blocks access to just about everything on top of the engine. 

Our brace lasted less than 100 miles before breaking. So instead of attempting to weld the aluminum pieces back together we looked for different solution that would brace the intercooler and open up the area on top of the engine at the same time.

This would allow enough room to access the coils, plugs, wiring and vacuum lines located on top of the engine. 

Luckily, I had the materials in the shop to build a brace without having to purchase anything. The tubing rings/clamps were the most critical part. 

Constructing the brace itself is fairly straight forward and self explanatory simply by looking at the pictures alone. 

The bolt that connects the brace to the rings utilizes a plastic bushing to reduce vibration.

The bolt diameter is overkill but it fit perfectly with the small diameter steel tubing and plastic hose readily available on the shelf.  

Flattening the ends of the short length of tubing with a vice is straight forward as is drilling the two holes correctly for fastening the brace to the top of the intercooler.

The last piece is the T head at the end of the brace that the connecting bolt runs through. Once welded on we were ready to install everything. 

Just make sure the two ring clamps are not pushed tightly together binding the ends of the tube to the point that movement is restricted. This would nullify the function of the bushing.


 Well, this is my solution. I hope anyone looking to remedy the broken or obstructive bracket that comes with the DLP turbo finds this helpful. 

Remember to always buckle up!

RLL 5/30/21