Why Race with Tusk Terrabite Tires on your UTV?

Originally, the move from the 27" factory Maxxis Big Horn tires to Tusk Terrabites on the Yamaha YXZ was price driven.

Due to a great wheel and tire package deal I found when it was time to move up in tire size to 32's in addition to the number of positive reviews, I took the plunge.

It has turned out to be a good decision.

After winning the 2019 STORR UTV Naturally Aspirated Class while on these tires We have found no reason to change. 

YJM has been rebuilding the car since January 2020 and have only returned to the track for one event for testing but we will be using the same tires we started the 2019 season with when we return to racing in July or August, 2021.


The Tire on left has 700 Desert Racing Miles on it, and then some.

The reasons why we at Yellow Jacket Motorsports will continue racing with Tusk Terrabites are:

  • Very little wear after 700 total race miles plus pre-run and practice miles in 2019.
  • No flats during any of the four race series events - I didn't even bother carrying a spare in 2019.
  • The tire/wheel combination from Tusk required no balancing and run as smooth at 85 as they do at 25
  • The price point is very competitive. If you can find a better tire at the same price or less, you should jump on it!

 Two punctures but no flats during the race season while on the track

The reasons we decided not to carry a spare for a whole season is that when the tires were originally delivered, they were already mounted on the wheels and after we threw them on the Yamaha YXZ 1000 the side walls were straight up and down so we figured they would be OK to take for a quick spin.

It was only after returning that tire pressures were checked and found that none of the four had more than 3 psi in them. 

With the tires having such rigid sidewalls, it occurred to us that we might chance racing without a spare which would allow for a lighter car. It worked out very well. 

Not that we didn't pick up a very large nail in the left rear tire the very first race, but ironically, we didn't even know it was there until getting to the shop and seeing it in the tire. 

We pulled the nail and plugged the hole and are still utilizing that tire. 

Later, a second puncture only became obvious after the right front tire began to lose about 6-8 psi over a two week period. Finally tired of having to air it up we located and plugged that hole too. And, that tire is also still on the car.

The New Race Car

The new car is still a Yamaha YXZ 1000 but is now 32" longer, a completely new front and rear shock geometry, a fuel cell and a Turbo. As mentioned, YJM has been busy building it for most of 2020 and 2021. Covid has really made it difficult to get many of the needed parts.

We have decided to carry a spare on the new build. Partially, because we chose to put the fuel cell behind the front seat and needed some ballast to balance the car out. Adding a spare tire behind the passenger seat did the job.

The spare plus the weight of a second battery on that side of the car will offset the weight of the full fuel cell sitting on the opposite side.

Pic of Spare

For complete disclosure, we purchased our Tusk Tires and Wheels at full price and were not paid for this review.

Please check out Yellow Jacket Motorsports for your Off Roading needs.

In the meantime, please, always wear those safety belts!