LS Swap Engine Mount for 82- 97 Ford Ranger

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This is a complete Ford Ranger LS swap engine mount kit. It is designed for the 82-97 ford ranger 2wd frame BUT, can be used on later year models with slight modifications.

 The fact this kit is not welded allows movement at the frame or on the engine block plate to make adjustments for other applications.

This design allows you to move the motor forward and rearward to allow for header clearance for the specific header combo you are running.

Here is how the welding/fabrication portion goes:

The kit contains a weld-on mount that you place on the frame while placing the tab bushing onto the plate. Position your motor and weld tabs to the plate. 

The long side of the tab that comes in this kit is to go on the driver's side of the engine for the correct engine offset. These mounts are designed so you can move the motor forward or backward for header clearance.

Potential, Slight Modifications for years other than 82-97 
You may have to trim down the driver's side tabs shorter depending on motor location and headers used.

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