Rear Shock Bracket Re-Location Kit

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This DIY kit is made entirely of 3/16" steel and has all the pieces required to relocate the top of  any Yamaha YXZ's rear shocks to a more vertical position. This is the optimum angle for the most efficient suspension design since the shock angle will now be 90 degrees to the lower arm, at full bump. This will make it easier to set up the rear suspension to your satisfaction. It will most likely need less spring and lighter valving depending on your needs, weight, and driving style. 

This kit will fit any aftermarket long travel suspension that allows the shock to be unbolted at the top and and swung out to the near vertical position (pivoting on lower arm) without coming into contact with anything. Such as with the Lone Star Long Travel suspension which is what we have.

The axle angle at full droop is within one degree of the factory to keep the stress on the CV joints at a minimum.

The slight loss in wheel travel caused by relocating the shock is negated by returning  the ground clearance of the chassis back closer to stock since the extra travel gained by installing a long travel kit will make the chassis bottom out more readily.

Installation needs to be done by an experienced fabricator, welder or both.

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